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Sliderpro Doors and Window Service is one of the Treasure Coast’s premier Sliding Door repair service providers. The Company is locally owned and operated, even though the phone numbers tend to throw some people off.

We indeed had our start in Palm Beach County. It was our training ground, and the place where we perfected our method.

The Company’s focus is squarely on solving and addressing issues as described by clients. We remove the intimidation from getting repair quotes.

If something is truly wrong with your equipment, why would we need to “sell” you on it? 

We are customers too, so we understand very well that you want the best value for your hard earned money. We intend to deliver that value to you with quality parts and accessories, at very competitive prices.


Excellent customer care along with expert Technicians who take pride in providing efficient, and professional repairs are the hallmark of this Company.

We strongly believe that the customers who have used our services in the past, will undoubtedly choose us again, if the need ever arose.

Excellent Customer Care

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